There are a lot of pages for “switchers” out there, but most of them are not that functional for the people switching. For instance, TUAW just linked to a page that honestly, is not very practical.

So, some links for accelerating the learning curve on switching to a Mac.

From Apple:

Dedicated support pages for switchers.

Use Help | MacHelp from the desktop, and you will see “Switching from Windows” on the front page, including “What’s It Called on My Mac?”

From the glorious conglomeration of knowledge that is the internet:

Getting right-click (and scrolling!) on a laptop.

Common Mistakes Made by Switchers—see especially #29, and follow the links.

Top 10 Things All Switchers Should Know. This one is a bit prone to exaggeration, but still useful.

Windows Equivalents on the Mac.

I’ll strive to update this post as I come across other good links.