This came on at some point during college football season, and it’s from the University of South Carolina. I’m paraphrasing, because I can’t find anything about it online, but this is the sense of it.

A professor, walking across a pretty green quad. A student flags her down. The professor looks wary—who is this person?

Student says, “Professor, I’m in your BigIntro 101 class.” Still wary—oh lord, a student with a crazy question.

Student says, “The assignment you gave—” professor looks resigned to hearing a complaint— “we have to go find the readings ourselves?”

Professor, “Yes, that’s the assignment.” Detached voice, aware of repeating herself.

Student: “—and, there’s no one single answer?”

Professor, “Yes, that’s true.”

Student: “So, the assignment is really about finding the questions?”

Professor breaks into big smile. “Exactly!”