Some one at a message board I’m on posted a link to this article, about the military trying to develop an “enhanced” or “augmented” human. I’m a little worried we are already coming close:

Watching the NCAA basketball tournament the last few weeks:

Daniel Hackett of USC—father played college basketball and then in Italy.
Darren Collinson of UCLA—both parents were Olympic track and field athletes for Guyana.
Bryce Taylor of Oregon—father played at Princeton (okay, I’m not so sure playing at Princeton a generation ago qualifies as supremely athletic)

At Florida:
Al Horford—son of Tito Horford, 2nd round NBA draft pick in 1988
Taurean Green—son of Sidney Green, played college basketball for UNLV
Joakim Noah—son of Yannick Noah, won French Open at some point

and, of course:
Lee Humphrey—son of a middle school teacher (I find that contrast hilarious)

A google search for “athletic super caste” turned up some interesting links (and some scary white supremacist links):

Theodore Roosevelt against the professionalization of sports.

Ann Althouse has some interesting commenters.