I haven’t gone to the gym since January, so I’m about 10-15 pounds heavier than I would like to be. That’s what I expected—not to say that I’m happy with it, but when I stop going to aerobics classes four times a week, I know that’s what will happen.

I should have known, but had forgotten, that the extra weight would screw up my professional wardrobe, meaning that instead of grabbing anything out of my closet, I have to plan carefully. This is annoying.

But I didn’t expect that, because the Goodwill is right on the way home from the gym, my newfound ability to actually get the donate bag out of my house and into the Goodwill would completely vanish. Update, two weeks later: only three trips to the gym and already four bags of crap gone. This is huge.

I didn’t expect that suddenly it would be really difficult to remember to take my car in for a long-overdue oil change, because I’m no longer driving past the mechanic several times a week.

I had no idea the gym had all those side benefits.