I gave a party, and the rum punch was a big hit (is rum punch ever not a hit?). I blended a couple of different recipes based on what I could easily find in the grocery store (unsweetened pineapple juice? who has time to find that?), so here’s the one I guess I can claim I invented (to add to the myriad of rum punch recipes on the web. Really, the lesson here is that you can mix just about anything citrus with rum and be fine).

I’m not sure what the measurement I’m using here is. A liter? A quart? Whatever—the numbers give the approximate proportions, ending up with a drink that’s about 4 parts mixer, 1 part alcohol. Do it per-cup, if you want.

1 orange juice
3/4 club soda
1/4 lime juice (Rose’s, natch)
1/8 grenadine (ditto)
1/2 rum

Mix and adjust to taste. The second batch came out differently, for sure.