The “Morbid” playlist has 13 songs, at present.*

There are three songs about domestic abuse—

Anthony Hamilton, Lucille
Dionne Farris, Don’t Ever Touch Me Again
Tracy Chapman, Behind the Wall

two songs about rape—

Tori Amos, Me and a Gun
Cry Cry Cry, I Know What Kind of Love This Is

and one song about being raped by your father.

Sweet Honey in the Rock, Colours

There are two songs about suicide or murder—

Kelly Rowland, Stole
Angie Stone, What U Dyin’ For

two songs about being unjustly accused of crimes—

10,000 Maniacs, I’m Not the Man
Richard Marx, Hazard

two songs about being lonely and unloved—

Janis Ian, At Seventeen
Cry Cry Cry, I Know What Kind of Love This Is [repeat appearance! extra morbid song]

one song about divorcing parents—

Pink, Family Portrait

and one song about just being plain crazy—

Pink, Split Personality [repeat appearance for Pink! one wonders]

Sometimes this existence of this playlist worries me.

* Morbid is not really the correct word, but it’s the one I started with, and the connotations feel right even if the meaning is not quite spot on.