Tenured Radical starts a meme!

You know you are wholly bourgeois when:

you hesitate about going into the downmarket grocery store after dark, even though it’s the most convenient place to pick up ice cream on your way to a potluck.

you realize that saving money at Wal-mart just isn’t worth the aggravation of shopping there.

you willingly go for the checking account that pays more interest but has a $2500 minimum balance.

I must say, however, that I do not get a paycheck all summer. For this reason, I had to go with the less interest, $300 minimum balance checking account. This is probably very good for me.

Update: you grab the shady parking spot at the wraps place even if there is a police car parked right next to it.

Update 2: “HUD accepted” deters you from investigating a potential apartment complex.