Stemming from Dean Dad’s post on nerds, New Kid comments that

The thing is, does anyone actually *think* they’re cool in high school? I know who we labeled the cool kids on my high school, but I have no idea what they thought of themselves. My theory is that everyone spends adolescence feeling like they don’t fit in and like their love life was horrible, regardless of what it actually looks like on the outside.

While Dr. Crazy’s post asserts that:

The other people who fell into that grouping all did the same stuff I did, and we all thought what we did was cool. So we were in choir, we did theater, and we were in geeky foreign language clubs and on the high school newspaper. We weren’t pariahs or anything, at least not that I recall. But maybe I just didn’t realize I was a pariah?

Fight it out, people. 🙂