For some reason I like accumulating software. Sometimes I just hoard programs I don’t even use*—because, you know, someday, they might be the one.** So I’m always very tempted by things like this bundle of school-focused programs for the Mac, 12 programs for $50.

Maybe it would be easier to write with WriteRoom (even though I’m practically the only person I know who doesn’t hate MS Word). Maybe a calendar-based financial program would make it easy to deal with the uneven income, which Quicken can’t handle so well when it comes to creating budgets. Maybe a diet log is just what I’ve been needing to stick to a diet. Maybe…..

Actually, I just looked at the finance program and I think I love it! I’ve totally had to finagle this in Excel. This might be the tool that will tell me whether I’m going to make it through a summer without pay! Whether I can afford to loan my sister money and when I’ll need it back! Yay, excuse to buy software! Can’t resist a sale!

Still in search of the perfect program to organize research photos, however.

*in a world war, I totally would have been the person jailed for hoarding.

**I don’t believe in a romantic notion of “the one.” But apparently I’ll apply it to other things.