So, I remember the pilot for Alias, and it was showed with no commercial breaks, sponsored by Nokia.

Now, there were a lot of product placement moments, especially when a phone rang at a really tense moment and the camera focused on the phone lying on the floor of the garage. But it didn’t really distract from the show much, and we were sucked into Alias for the next three years partially because the pilot was so good.

So, I watched the pilot for Cane Tuesday night, and Chevy sponsored “limited” commercial breaks.

As far as I could tell, there were just as many commercials—in fact, there was additional wasted time when they had to remind us that Chevy had sponsored “limited” commercial breaks. So instead of a neutral attitude toward seeing some Chevy cars in the show, I now have it fixed in my mind that Chevy is composed of incompetent broke cheapskates who can’t even buy out the whole show.

Good advertising there, Chevy.