I have a lot of crap to take care of before heading out of town next week, for a trip of over a week with questionable internet access (oh, no! my first tedious to-do list on this blog!)

  • overdue book review
  • recommendation letter
  • submit reimbursement requests
  • submit other reimbursement requests
  • pay bills and reconcile bank accounts
  • record receipts for the last 2 months (probably not gonna happen)
  • book conference hotel (for my next trip, not this one)
  • two lunch appointments
  • one dinner potluck
  • dance class
  • laundry
  • pack
  • clean apartment

But you know what? Now that I’ve booked a cat sitter, I’m so less worried. Because everything else is totally under my control, and if I have to stay up all night to handle it and run around like crazy to squeeze it in, I can.

But staying up late won’t feed my cats while I’m gone. But with that off my mind, it’s so much easier to concentrate on everything else.