An Index to the Great Gumdrop Dustup

(academic blogs hit the bigtime—Leslie Madsen Brooks at BlogHer has a partial summary that’s a quicker introduction to some of these posts, with brief commentary focusing on the “just a job” angle)

Dr. Crazy gets us started at Reassigned Time.

New Kid on the Hallway moves it forward.

And be sure to read the extensive comments on at least those first two posts.

Dr. Curmudgeon at The Doctor Isn’t takes it sideways.

The dissenter takes it public at Rate Your Students.

The public’s initial response.

I complain about people who make stupid unthinking arguments and then I try to restate the argument.

The RYS moderators feel the need for an intervention.

Notorious PhD weighs in.

Dean Dad’s got a slightly different, slightly tangential, angle at Confessions of a Community College Dean.

Dr. Curmudgeon gets tough.

RYS finishes up with two last posts—odd posts. The one coded as “junior faculty are selfish” hardly argues that, and the one “defending” junior faculty sounds like a complete jackass who proves they are selfish.

Sisyphus at Academic Cog gives the perspective of a grad student currently on the market.

Maggie discusses community at Professorial Confessions.

Dr. Crazy tries to encourage sanity.

Dr. Curmudgeon offers a meta-analysis, with advice.

Nina via RYA highlights a really important point—that much of the brouhaha stems from different conceptions of what it means to be a professor. (For the record, I think the “just a job” notion is a red herring in this issue—it’s more important to move if you are looking for a calling rather than just a job.)

A final word from Walter via RYS—its only relevant note:

Just this past week I see you let your crazzy-ass, cat-lover nutjobs duke it out with the Depends-wearing old codgers who couldn’t chew a decent piece of meat with borrowed teeth. That’s a non-starter. Don’t let the crazzies have an open forum.

And….whoops, RYS isn’t done:

Undine gives the search committee perspective at Not of General Interest. (posted earlier than in this list)

The Little Professor offers more structural analysis.

Personal reflections from Lucky Jane and Heu Mihi at Age of Perfection.

The Debate Metamorphoses into Discussion of the “Great Divide” between Junior and Senior Faculty

And frankly, I’m not going to try to track all that. There are lots of “just a job?” posts floating around that were triggered by the Gumdrop Dustup, not linked here. But I’ll try to link some thoughts that are more closely related, as I see them.

Via RYS, an argument about junior faculty as Generation X. RYS has responses, but I’m getting bored with the anger.

Already updated many times, more suggestions welcomed. I borrowed “Gumdrop Dustup” from someone linked here, I forget who.