So, Toyota has been running these ads for Tacoma trucks.

Usual truck ad: “Climb a mountain off-road! Tow a boat! Move a fallen tree! This is ourrrrr country….

Tacoma Ad 1: set within a World of Warcraft game (no, I don’t recognize it—the dialogue says “…in World of Warcraft!”). A player calls up his weapon—which turns out to be a Tacoma truck. The truck hauls ass over a CGI-landscape, gets swallowed by a dragon, and then busts out the belly of the dragon, leaving it dead.

Tacoma Ad 2: opens with a starfield reminiscent of Star Wars or Star Trek (or Firefly?), pulls back to reveal a huge space station/city built in space. A rock drifts into view. A guy in a Tacoma truck is sitting on the rock, and then drives off into space.

Important Contextual Note: These ads are running during football games. College football games, admittedly, but still football games.

More reactions here, here and here, with actual video. I don’t do video.