7 random-aiming-for-weird facts about myself:

1. I have a titanium screw in my jaw holding a fake tooth. I was awake and aware for the drilling of said screw, incidentally—local anesthetic only.

2. I didn’t drive until I was 22. It took me about five years to stop abusing my newfound powers to go to the grocery store whenever I wanted to. Now I hate grocery shopping.

3. I crashed my second and current car the very first time I drove it in snow. Now winter driving terrifies me.

4. Incongruity charms me. I once had a two-day crush on Raja Bell, NBA player, because I heard him say “Many a night I’ve watched the Mavericks play….” and the combination of archaic language with modern sports was too much for me.

5. I like to track every penny I spend in Quicken. Last academic year I spent about $100 on coffee.

6. In theory, I don’t like coffee. But that $100 bought at least 80-90 cups of coffee, which I drank.

7. I like to propose theories, usually after about 15 seconds of thought.

Are any of those actually weird? And I was unable to be entirely random.

Largely people who once commented here and are thus in my email account. I hope fear of a reoccurrence does not drive away my few commenters? (I hate this part, working on a theory about the dynamics of tagging):
LuckyJane (amazingly, at LuckyJane), Neophyte-used-to-be-Mouse? at Notes of a Neophyte, Rebecca at ProtoScholar, Mark at Culture Industry with the super-cool font, Fretful Porpentine at Quills, Dr. Virago at QuodShe, Steve at The Professor’s Notes.

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New rule I’m adding—try not starting the post with the rules. That’s always the point at which I stop reading memes and skip to a new post or a new blog. Who wants to read the rules first? And honestly, does this meme need so many rules? Shouldn’t linking to the people you tag be understood? This is a blog, after all.

Comments to notify the tagged coming soon, or maybe emails, so much easier than commenting on an unrelated post. I’ve gotta run to the grocery store before snow comes, and prepare to hibernate during freezing rain. AccuWeather says I probably have until 2am, but I don’t want to cut it too close—and whoops, they’ve changed it to 1am!