These are the things you see when you watch TV after midnight:

I just saw a commercial—from LDS Family Services—in which a pregnant teenager browses pictures of couples wanting to adopt on the web, and muses “I think this might be the one….”

She goes on to visit the couple: “From the moment I met X and Y, I just knew…”

The application of romantic imagery—“the one”, the realization at first meeting—to adoption intrigues and bothers me. But for a more thoughtful discussion of such issues, see Bitch Ph.D.’s discussion of a book about pre-Roe v. Wade closed adoptions, and this piece in Mother Jones about international adoptions: “Did I Steal My Daughter?”. And an NYT blog I serendipitously came across while writing this.

Title paraphrased from the commercial—not actually quoted, but I wanted to make it clear I wasn’t saying that.