In a fit of avoiding the conference paper I have to send on Wednesday, I went through 1311* photos from a big trip I took this summer with my sister, and put 55** of them into a book that will be a gift for my grandfather. I’ll see how well Apple lives up to their promises—I just hope the printed book arrives in enough time for me to order more before Christmas, if I decide I like it, so that I don’t have to order on spec.

Blogging about this, unfortunately, is not productive procrastination. But I think the paper is finally coming to an end, just as the deadline nears.

* ! !! Taken in about 10 days!!! I took over a thousand, my sister took about two-three hundred. I really wanted to use a photo of her taking a picture, but it seemed misleading. I love digital cameras.

** 55 pictures: four of me, four of my sister, six of both of us, and 41 scenic ones. I managed to get one of us onto 8 of the 10 spreads. If I’d been making the book exclusively for myself, though, I would have aimed for different pictures. But since I didn’t really have 55 high-quality artistic shots, it’s a good thing I wasn’t.