In the ecosystem of Blogger, when people logged in with their Blogger account make a comment, their name is linked to their profile.

I don’t want to read a profile. I don’t care who they are, really. I want to know if their blog is interesting, and the only way to do that is to visit their blog.

So I always used to avoid the Blogger login, if possible, and enter my name and blog URL so that my comment showed up with a direct link to my blog.

But now Blogger has eliminated that option! If not logged in, all you can do is show a nickname (no link) or Anonymous. Argh! All over the world, people are wasting clicks to get to new blogs!

Okay, so now I’m forced to use my Blogger profile. Argh! When I switch between blogs and getting things done, Google is tracking all my internet searches unless I keep logging out. Ai-yi-yi! I want my separation of identities back!

See also Styleygeek’s annoyance and Ianqui’s solution—Blogger users can fix this per blog. I guess I will be setting up an OpenID.

While I’m at it—other annoying things about blogging systems:

The way TypePad puts the verification on the next window, which I consistently fail to notice until 20 minutes later when I’m closing all my browser windows.