Questions from interviewers after the assassination of Benazir Bhutto, quoting loosely and sloppily from memory.

Did she have a premonition she was going to die?

Seriously, is that newsworthy?

Was she fatalistic? Did she feel that her father’s fate would be hers?

Tried again, after not getting a “Yes” to the first stupid question. By the way, when someone gets death threats on a regular basis, premonitions and fatalism are kinda irrelevant, no? Oh, and the interviewee, seeing that this idiot would not drop the issue, managed to satisfy the interviewer with “she said Inshallah all the time.”

Everyone’s talking about this, we’re spending an hour on it—does her death merit all this attention?

A legitimate question, but the woman just died. Surely “can you explain to our viewers why her death merits so much attention?” would have been more tactful.

Oh, by the way? This was PBS.