September Blue’s recent (uh, not so recent anymore) post about her viva reminded me that I could stand to blow off some steam about my dissertation defense, even though it was years and years ago.

I was having a good old time, lovely conversation, excited about making changes for the book, totally enjoying it—when thirty minutes in, my most supportive advisor (the one whose office everyone cried in) asks a question that totally undermined all my premises. Like, say I am investigating why the sky is blue, and he said “but, does the color blue really even exist?”

From that point on, I was on the edge of tears the entire time. Totally sucked.

Later my other advisor attacked me on not visiting an archive, which did not make me cry. Instead it made me mad. I had a good answer, but you know, if he’d been any kind of a decent advisor, he would have already known the answer.