A Dress A Day linked to this piece on people who only wear one color all the time. What I don’t understand about that, from the pictures, is that these people define color so specifically. To only wear pink offers up a whole rainbow from pastel to magenta. Why limit yourself? Ditto for blue, which can encompass a world.

Then there are those people who say “oh, I just wear black because it goes with everything.” This is incorrect, and I believe, misguided. If you buy enough colors, or enough of the colors you enjoy wearing, then at a certain point you will reach color saturation (term I just made up) and from then on, it will be very difficult to buy anything without discovering that it matches something already in your closet.

I believed I achieved color saturation about two years ago. Sometimes I wear bright colors and loud patterns just because I feel like I can carry them off. I’m sure hubris will catch up with me eventually.