From The Onion:

Kitchen-Floor Conflict Intensifies As Rival House Cats Claim Same Empty Bag

The bag, a brown paper grocery bag from Stop & Shop with no prior claims of cat ownership attached to it, became the center of a wide-scale power play when Boswell seized control of its highly contested interior, and occupied the disputed area for approximately 30 seconds. Following immediate Johnsonian reprisals, Boswell unleashed a barrage of swats, but failed to secure a position in the bag.

Am I the only cat owner who lets things that belong in the trash live in the corners just to entertain the cats? Not dirty trash, but just stuff like empty boxes, brown packing paper, crumpled balls of paper, plastic caps that skitter invitingly on the floor…that kind of trash. For some reason they prefer to lie on a piece of cardboard rather than directly on the carpet, so okay, I’ll let it lie.

I’ve noticed that I need to periodically move around the piles of paper and the empty boxes to rejuvenate their interest, though.