I could have really liked Batman Begins if not for Christian Bale‘s underbite or overbite or whatever it is that’s wrong with his mouth. Or maybe he just spent the entire movie sucking on his teeth. Any which way, it just did not work for me.

In the category of random historical facts appearing in movies:

[while exploring the caves under the Wayne mansion]
Alfred the factotum: “Your grandfather* was involved in the Underground Railroad, transporting runaway slaves to freedom in the North.”

Thanks for that educational tidbit, Alfred! I like to imagine the screenwriting process that first put this in the script, and then kept it there through revisions and feedback. “No, we can’t take that line out. It establishes a heritage of social responsibility—that’s Batman’s motivation!”

I’m a fan of superhero movies. Other treats from FX since the snows began:

The nice thing about FX is that you don’t really have to sit down and actually watch a movie. Since they keep showing them, I can watch the first twenty minutes one day, the last half-hour the next week, and catch the middle sometime that month. I remember last year, when I didn’t have cable but I did have three conference hotel stays within a five week span. I managed to watch all of Cliffhanger.

* I swear I heard “grandfather”, but either I misheard or the scriptwriters have a very weak grasp of the passage of time and average life expectancy. No problem, I’ll catch that scene again next week and update.