I just used Hotwire to book a hotel, and it’s so much better than Priceline. None of this stress about whether you named an okay price, and really, much more than 50% off the quoted rate at a nice hotel. I’m a convert! Admittedly, this was a major city.

So, this apartment I live in automatically renews your lease unless you inform them four months (!) in advance you don’t want to. And I can see that it’s easier for them, with 500 apartments—but it means a whole lot of people have to type out a letter and turn it in to end a lease.

Don’t you think of Britain as kind of a formal place? Not when you look at the paperwork they do. Conference badges lacking the name of the conference, receipts that don’t state amount paid, receipts with no letterhead…..I just hope my department accountant doesn’t bounce it back to me.