So, inspired by Tenured Radical, I wanted to make my IRA contribution for 2007 before it’s too late.

But first I had to figure out where I had accounts, and try to access them online, to make sure I could contribute electronically.

I decided it was maybe time to open the heap of retirement account mail near my door, from three different companies, none of which I have read.

And to be able to do something with all the paper, I had to get organized.

And that required a software program to track IRAs. Turns out I already owned five personal finance programs.

So I had to test them all out, plus download a new one.

But I didn’t like any, so I wound up right back with Quicken 2005 for the Mac, the same one I already use (I had wanted to compartmentalize my retirement savings from the money I actually have access to, but not at the price of using a bad software program).

Anyhow, I’m all organized now, sort of. Much more than before, anyhow.

And it is VERY clear to me that I will be starving and freezing in my old age.

And I still haven’t made my IRA contribution for 2007.