which is pretty damn cool. And lots of plugs, tables, and wireless. I’m on the 10th floor, and it’s so open-air and nice. The book spiral (floors seven through ten, I think, connect organically with gradually slanted floors) is pretty neat. Sadly, I missed the opportunity for a tour, which just walked by.

Is there a word for the compulsion to check out someone else’s shared music in iTunes? I’m guessing S— A—- is the guy with the MacBook Air down the way. Me, I keep that option turned OFF.

Three police officers (possibly building security) just went by looking for someone. Now their radios are crackling.

There are a lot of stairs. I felt all pitiful when I was breathing heavy after going up them, but I’ve seen outdoorsy-looking people pause for a rest, so I guess I’m okay.

Apparently, I am really pretty in Seattle. I need to move to this town.

The earlier police officers were just security, but now they’ve brought in a real police officer to look around.

Time to go. Bye, lovely library.