Moving on from the Digital Native of previous. Paragraph City has been talking about Digital Immigrants. What is the word for those who grew up with the digital age? As I previously commented, comparing it to seeing a house being built as you walk to the bus stop every day, having a vantage point into the architecture of the digital world has put me in a very privileged position, I think.* What’s the shorthand for that, and what does it mean?

I took one typing class on a DOS computer, and two on a typewriter, and only really learned to type on the typewriter, and had no computer at home until my junior year of high school. But I wrote my BA thesis on a Mac with a GUI, the first computer I had ever owned.

I first had an email account that only worked within MIT during a summer program there, then was introduced to telnet and pine, and remember when they launched WebMail, to great acclaim, during grad school. Mulberry was somewhere in there.

Attachments used to be a very mysterious thing—I was into grad school and on Eudora before they worked reliably and you didn’t have to check to make sure people had the technical capability to accept attachments.

I remember a college friend explaining to me about “Gopher” and “Mosaic“, and researching grad school via the AHA’s Directory of Departments, a heavy paper guide. But I was booking flights on the web by the time I stopped going back to my mother’s house every summer.

* I’m currently a bit challenged with anything video, or social networking, and I don’t even IM. But I’m fully confident that when I decide I need those things, I’ll be able to grok them as necessary.