I hear they are making a new Hulk movie (and the preview looks pretty cool). I hated the last Hulk movie. I class it with Gangs of New York in the category of the title. Both perfectly fine stories ruined by actively bad decisions on the part of the directors.

The Hulk had all sorts of random floaty visual interjections that kinda resembled the screensaver a former cat loved to watch for hours on end. Thank you, Ang Lee.

For Gangs of New York, I clearly remember two scenes:

  1. As a fire breaks out, the boy who is supposed to be a symbol of innocence and purity in the middle of a cruel world watches the dancer twirl atop a music box. Unfortunately, the symbol of innocence just came across as developmentally challenged. There’s a difference between “simple” and “retarded” and I expect Martin Scorsese to recognize it.
  2. The movie spent three hours building up to the ultimate gang fight between the two groups. Unfortunately, the Civil War or somesuch* broke out elsewhere at exactly the same moment, making it utterly clear that the ultimate gang fight and all its participants were totally freaking irrelevant to everything and anything, and that the director had tricked us into watching a three hour story about people he didn’t even think were important.

I’m still boycotting Martin Scorsese movies. Seriously, the Discovery Channel extra on the DVD, on the slums of NYC in the mid-nineteenth century, was way better than the movie. And I hate history on TV.

*okay, fine, it was a draft riot, the war was already on. The only good scene in the movie, in fact, was when the Irish came off the boats and were transformed into soldiers.