Watching Lakers-Celtics in the championship as my California-born sister and I cheered for the Lakers against the Celtics of my Boston-born mother is an enduring memory of my childhood. Along with that “history for children” book I read about Lew Alcindor.

But now I’m cheering for the Celtics, because Sacramento got the Kings (from Kansas City) while I was in high school. Then the Lakers took the Kings out of the playoffs in 2002, and now I don’t like the Lakers at all. I’m also still holding a grudge against the Wizards for beating the Kings in the only NBA game I’ve ever seen live.

And I want Kevin Garnett to win a championship, because that whole “best player never to win it all” thing sucks. I even had to temporarily cheer for Peyton Manning (whom I don’t like at all), so that he could win a Super Bowl and then I could go back to cheering against him.