Yes, I bought an iPhone exactly two months and a week before they announced the shiny new hotness.

However, it’s not so bad. I do get all the software updates that let me run new apps and such (free updates, will have to pay for some apps). And since all the developers have been testing against the old iPhones, I think the apps will be supporting it for a while.

The main new hardware features are 3G wireless and GPS. Neither are brand-new functions, just improved versions of existing functions. GPS I’m not particularly bothered about—the phone has basic locator functions, and apps like this don’t really appeal to me. 3G is a different cellular network—much faster for downloading web and email,* but eats more battery when talking. Slow data is aggravating, but the apps that will come out will let me do more things offline to work around slow downloads.

I was not expecting the big price drop, and was a bit chagrined about that.** But the money is about a wash, it turns out. Apple dropped the price by $200, but AT&T increased the price of the required data plan (admittedly, people will be downloading more data at a faster speed, and I’m getting less for my cheaper data plan).*** So I spent an extra $200 in April, but save $240 over the next two years. Which makes me feel a lot better.****

I’m hearing mentions of improved audio, which I’d be a bit sad to miss. The (not very good) camera is said to be unchanged.

But they changed the headphone jack, so if I want better headphones, I better buy them fast, because companies will probably stop selling the v1 sets pretty soon.

* The keynote did a test using the National Geographic website, and came up with iPhone 3G at 21 seconds, and iPhone EDGE at 59 seconds. So naturally I tested too. My iPhone EDGE didn’t take 59 seconds to load that busy site. About 40-45 seconds.

** I was expecting similar prices but bigger capacity—e.g., $500 for 32GB instead of 16GB—and knew I didn’t really care about capacity. Guessed wrong.

*** And stopped sharing revenue with Apple. So, AT&T seems to be racking in a lot more money? Or are they paying Apple the price difference on the phone, as is common with mobiles? Of course, they just put more capital into their 3G network, and it’s definitely going to get hammered, as a lot of people are going to buy now.

**** I’d feel better still if I had gone to the AT&T store just one day earlier than I did and grabbed one of the last half-price refurbished phones, but oh well. That’ll teach me to think it’s okay to buy a birthday present for self two days after my actual birthday.