This post has actually been floating around my mind, because really, this worries me sometimes:

Jobs I Have Had
, via Age of Perfection and Scattered & Random.

—all during high school, I worked in a candy shop, selling handmade brittle, chocolates/fudge, popcorn and caramel popcorn, self-serve ice-cream, and fresh-squeezed lemonade. Mostly summers, sometimes weekends during the school year, in Ye Olde Town. People would come in, saying “wow, that smells so good we tracked it down the streets.” Sugar smells pretty bad coming out your hair and skin in the shower, though, believe me.

—in college, I was a research assistant. Lots of photocopying and library-fetching, but also some actual preliminary-syllabus-putting-together.

—in grad school, I was a scan monkey digitizing stuff in the university rare books and archives section.

And that would be it. A tragic lack of jobs. I have clearly never lived in the real world. (Note, I don’t really believe all that guff about ivory tower vs. real world, but being able to say “I’ve only ever had one non-academic job” just makes me wonder. Doesn’t seem healthy. My sans-tenure backup plan, though, should it be needed, is way off the academic grid.)