Does anyone have recommendations for short-term health insurance? I’m finding a lot of options and basic information on the web, but am hoping someone can either direct me to or away from a particular company.

COBRA is more than I need—I have one not-very-expensive prescription I need to get filled over the summer, but really I’m just worried that I will get in an accident during some long road trips I have planned, and don’t want to be totally without. Preliminary short-term quotes came up at about $150 for three months, which is totally feasible and a cheap price to pay for peace of mind.

Incidentally, because I am a bad steward of both my money and my health, some yearly totals:

  • $9.36 paid in vision insurance, for which I got nothing (not that worried about this one, saving $100 on my expensive glasses (worth every penny, IMO) is very close to nothing).
  • $67 paid in dental insurance, which I failed to take advantage of (slightly annoyed about, but waiting three extra months for a basic exam is about a toss-up against the trouble of finding/going to a dentist—hmm, I should call now for my appointment)
  • $775 paid in medical insurance, of which I likewise failed to make use (rather annoyed about this one—annual checkups are good, and it means I have to juggle my prescriptions a bit because I failed to get them renewed, although hmm, perhaps my old doctor will call in a few months extension for me…)
  • of course, those are all mere fractions of what JPU paid on my behalf

I had made resolutions, but you see how well resolutions work for me.