Alias? I so would not want my children watching Alias. (No, I don’t have children)

A snippet of a movie that involved US marines in Bahrain going on a date with local schoolgirls, in uniforms. I turned it off after that point, so I can’t tell you what happened next, but I can’t imagine it was anything I’d want my children to see.

Megachurch televangelism.

Lots of college-age people playing drinking games at a wild party. (I think this may have been the show Greek.)

Infomercial for Acne Complex.

The 700 Club. “You’re one of the nicest people God ever had to send to hell.” Wrapped around the life of Jake Peavy, star MLB pitcher, retold as the Lord’s plan to bestow His grace. (post-show voiceover: “The preceding […] telecast does not reflect the views of ABC Family.”)

ABC Family actually advertises “a new kind of family!” I’m not really sure what they mean by that, but I don’t think I like it.