As someone wrote on Apple’s discussion board:

The whole point of Cell Phone cameras is not to capture meaningful moments, its to catch some crazy crap that happened right in front of your eyes that you can sell to CNN for mega bucks later.

I’m developing a theory that Apple is engaging in some social engineering, and on the whole, I might approve.

No video refuses to feed the 24-hour-news frenzies.

The keyboard autocorrect discourages text-speak abbreviations.

ETA: no voice dialing. Because Apple knows you shouldn’t be driving and calling at the same time.

No MMS, or texting a picture. I always thought that was ridiculous anyhow. (I did email my mom a picture on my phone from the Museum of Modern Art the other day, though:

“Look Mom! If stacks of books are modern art,
your house must be a museum!”

but I wouldn’t have bothered to text it, pretending it’s so important they need to see it right now. Someone else asked on Apple’s discussion board for receipt confirmation for texts. WTF? Why are you texting something important enough to need a confirmation?)