Will someone tell the Masspike that their flashing signs are DANGEROUS? Really, while navigating a curvy tunnel at 50mph (despite signage for 35mph), with exits every half mile, I do not need to be asked to read an ADVERTISEMENT for “Visit Masspike.com! Join the fast lane!”*

Maybe some of that space could have been used to warn me about the six-inch drop between lanes?*

Or to share the exit number for the roadwork and lane closures at Granite Ave, so that I could have been tucked away to the left and not cluttering up a forced merge?*

In California, green highway entrance signs are the width of a lane, hung high above the road, with nice big letters telling you where to go, easily visible a block or two back. In Massachusetts, green highway signs hide behind shrubbery, directly opposite the road you need to take. And they are the size of my head.*

* “Fucking Massachusetts.”