I’m sitting in the student union because my car is at the shop, so I needed someplace I could work all day*, and I gave up my office a little while back. There is a prospective student fair today, so a campus tour goes by about every half-hour.

The student union stop on the tour includes scheduled instruction and practice in the JPU school cheer. (I have mentioned before that new employee orientation also includes the school cheer.)

Had I visited this school as a prospective, I would have thought “Fuck me if I ever join a cult pretending it’s a college. School cheer! These people must be crazy.”

*I’m always mystified that we don’t see more homeless people hanging out on college campuses, which are well-supplied with comfortable and sheltered places to sit around and do nothing. Yet I’ve never seen security moving them along, either.

So far I have far helped someone find the VPN info to get on the wireless, and been an object in a scavenger hunt for Mary Kay (“woman wearing a dress/skirt”. If I get a marketing contact from Mary Kay, though, I am going to be very mad).