Good Ad: that Liberty Mutual ad where someone in a city (or at a state fair) sees someone else pick up a piece of random trash, and then is inspired to hold the door for a stranger, and a person who sees the door held is inspired to help a mother with her stroller and the chain of doing nice things for strangers just continues until finally someone gets saved from bricks falling on their head. Seriously, I get a little choked up.

Bad Ad: the Nextel ad that has firemen in Congress. Well, when you are trying to sell a high-tech walkie-talkie, showing people communicating all in the same room kinda misses the point. And why firemen? But that’s not why I hate the ad. “This is a lot of paper to say we need clean water. Everyone in favor of clean water?” Chorus of “Yeah!”. “We’re done. See you next week.” Thank you, Nextel, for undermining democracy by making the public even more stupid about how government works.