While teaching Obama, I learned that apparently my students (overwhelmingly predominately white) think if black people aren’t ghetto, they aren’t really black.

And apparently “ghetto” has become a taboo word, because they didn’t want to say it. I had to say it. We had already laid out the biracial-not-really-black thing, and I thought the student was heading for the light-skinned-not-really-black thing, but no, “ghetto” was the thing ze was dancing around (“didn’t grow up like many black people, doesn’t talk like many black people”….sadly I was not equipped to offer a lecture on the black middle class and adequately demolish this).

Anyhow, watching Malia and Sasha grow up should help make the distinction between ghetto culture and black culture.

triggered by the pic at Bitch PhD. Google turns up another good pic and discussion of this, and the infomercial also had some video with Malia’s hair in cornrows.