(Side note: moved in here in August, set up my DVD player in late November when family visited and helped me fix the speaker wires my cat had chewed apart.)

Seriously, why would anyone put Hayden Christensen in a movie ever again after Star Wars? I’m utterly mystified, and not alone:

starring — wait for it — Hayden Christensen as Case. How can such things be, you ask.

But hope springs eternal. Maybe Christensen will have his preferences set to ‘acting’ for this one, like he did in Shattered Glass.

Jumper actually switches actors from the 15-year-old main character to the 23-year-old main character (whose name I can’t even remember). My theory:

“Well, I looked at the final cuts. Fuck, Hayden Christensen can’t act. What are we gonna do?”

“Hmm…Hey, you know, after the first half-hour it’s all swaggering around and looking tortured, not too much dialogue. Hayden handles that kinda okay. So what if we reshot the beginning with different actors?”

“Gee, we lose some of the power of the transformation from nerd at 15 to cool at 23 if we actually switch actors, though…”

“Yeah, but then the audience gets sucked into the movie before they realize how annoying and wooden Hayden is, we’ll hire some cheap unknowns, it’ll all work out.”

“It’s a plan!”

(Wikipedia actually says the reverse of this happened, but I don’t believe it.)