…Exchanges with my Chair, with regard to a committee I am on, beginning with me:

“can we have electronic versions of those documents you gave us in September?”

“I gave you those documents in hard copy in August and again in November, but here they are, plus a bunch of other documents.”

“thanks, we need the electronic version to produce a revised document. And I don’t understand what this one document is.”

“you don’t need it unless you are going to help us think through our policies on [topic of committee].”

“oh, I thought you sent it because you wanted us to do something with it.”

Things I Did Not Write:

1) why the fuck are you sending me crap you want me to ignore?

2) if I’m not supposed to be helping think through the policies for this topic, what the fuck is this committee supposed to be doing? we’ve already put several hours into doing exactly that? WTF? You know what? if you aren’t going to take my role on this committee seriously, I’m not even going to care about trying to do a good job.

I have a new chair this year.

I do not like his style.