Converting a twice-a-week class into a thrice-a-week class does strange things to my decision-making. Hey, think I’ll just randomly do a day on this topic because I like it.* Hey, think I’ll just cancel class because they have a paper due. I mean, if my previous class was a legit course, then those extra topics aren’t really necessary, right?

Is is really that important to make sure the survey hits slavery during black history month?

I was talking to a math professor who doesn’t do a syllabus. He just says, okay, we’re going to try to finish chapter 4 by the end of the semester. While in history, hey, I’ll talk about the industrial revolution for 50 minutes, or I’ll talk about it for 1:15. Either way. We’ll probably read the same assortment of sources, too. We might cover the same ideas, just with fewer examples, or we might not. This guy kinda justifies my approach.

I can rough out the topics I want to cover and come up with reading options for each of them pretty quickly, and then I think I’m basically done, just a little fine-tuning. Wrong. Nailing it down to the perfect readings takes a long time. And getting the formatting right in MS Word takes FOREVER.

* Not quite as arbitrary as it sounds, I promise.