I’m sure Pixelmator’s a nice program and all, but I really don’t like light-on-dark color schemes. But you know, it’s just for editing photos, I’m not reading, so I guess I can handle it.

But then I launched Pixelmator help and saw this:


I will switch from Mac to Windows if Apple goes all light-on-dark, I swear.

* Actually, i think my eyes are abnormal such that light-on-dark is harder for me than other people, because this is a crazy overrreaction. Although my tendency with all photo-editing programs is to get very frustrated. I once spent about an hour in Adobe’s help learning all about how to use the Crop tool, but not how to actually turn it on (press and hold a different tool). In fact, with Pixelmator, I had been unable to find the Crop tool because the gray-on-black toolbar scheme made it too dark to be visible. Function over form, y’all.