First of all, I’m actually subscribed to the blog at Why? I’m no political junkie. I’m subscribed because I have an RSS reader (NetNewsWire) and it’s easy.

Right, so does this Open for Questions feature—ask any question you want, other readers can vote them to the top, etc. That’s impressive, enough, right? After they closed:

Click here to download a file containing all of the 3,500+ comments in their entirety. Several comments on the site have asked for a complete transcript of the discussions — if you put it to a creative use, share that with us here.

Tapping into the best of the social network/blogosphere/whatever-it-is. I think Obama already did a Wordle of the discussion on health care, too.

Also, they follow up videos of Obama speeches with transcripts, thanks be.

Later (and followed by many many blogs posts about the CBB):

Your ideas and your words will be compiled into a Citizen’s Briefing Book and delivered to President Obama after he takes office.

The Citizen’s Briefing Book feature includes robust tools that let you explore a wide variety of submissions intuitively. By rating and commenting on the ideas on the page, your feedback will shape the final content of the Briefing Book. It’s a democratic way to highlight the issues that are the most important to this community and relay their importance directly to the White House.

I’m open to the idea that this is all a big fake, but seriously, it’s a very elaborate, expensive, well-thought-out one.

ETA: Oh, there’s a TIGR (Technology, Innovation, and Government Reform) team running all this. And doing a damn good job. Lordy.