Blackboard is terribly slow, especially when I am at home.
I might use Blackboard to set up my grades, so that my students could track them—but I’m definitely not going to when I have no clue what it’s going to look like from a student’s point of view. And it’s just not likely that I’m going to go to all that trouble, then haul a student into my office to let me look over their shoulder, on spec.

Okay, but I went to the trouble of setting them up, borrowing a student to let me see what her fake grades looked like to me, and found I had set them up wrong. Because although Blackboard offers a column to calculate weighted grades, it doesn’t seem to do anything with the weighting you set up in the column. The weight is really handled through the assignment column.

And, I know I told it to show average grade to the student, but it isn’t doing it. Not even to me.

Blackboard’s bullshit default of opening links WITHIN the Blackboard frame is anti-intellectual—it hides the URL necessary for true citations.

I always change the color of the left sidebar menu for my classes. When you first enter the design options, this is the default for the menu buttons (click to enlarge):


Why? Seriously, you are telling me there is someone who wants a leopard-skin theme in their course management software? Note how unreadable the text on it is, too.