Still blind. But not as blind as I thought. Only about 20/30 at present (ETA: that’s with my glasses on), and a slight uptick in my prescriptions.

Problems with dry eye, exacerbated by wearing contacts. She said that it wasn’t that my vision has gotten so much worse, but that the dryness in my eyes made the light fly away and therefore signs in the distance were really fuzzy (I think it made sense when she said it—but it doesn’t now. There was definitely something about light involved. And I was definitely able to correlate the sudden deterioration in my vision (which really had me worried) to suddenly switching to wearing contacts for a few hours every day, so the ability to see is definitely tied to the dry eye, which is going to require six months on Restasis, at least. But she said I should also have my doctor check for thyroid and other things that could be causing dry eye).

This may explain why I felt totally able to read some road signs in the fog driving home. The light didn’t fly away?

She gave me a PSA: don’t try to read books on an iPhone. You can turn it to landscape, dial back the brightness, and take an eye break every twenty minutes, but it still just isn’t a good idea (even though she does it too sometimes: “is that Stanza“?). She recommends the rumored Kindle 2, if I must have ebooks (I don’t usually think of my eye doctor as a tech nerd—the office uses shiny silver iMacs, too).

Up next: the joy of picking new frames.