Basically, I moved in September, just hooked up my DVD player in November and just a few weeks ago remembered it has an FM function.

A man called in to talk about how he had (surprisingly in my state, he said) won custody of his two small children even though his wife wasn’t a substance abuser or other clearly unfit mother.* (that’s a paraphrase of his argument, not mine)

And he had some legitimate grievances, but also said “she wants to call every day, and talk to them for half an hour—give me some breathing space!”

Seriously? It’s not okay that she wants to talk to her children every day?

* I started listening and discovered this is a show with a “call us and vent” segment. Also called in:

“I found out my boyfriend is married. And texted a 16-yr old.”

“A 30-year old man bit my two-year old son.”

The DJ: “Maybe I can stop someone from going postal by doing this.”

Dave single-father-with-six-(6!)-kids can’t find a woman. A woman called in to say she’d go out with Dave (actually, a woman called for her friend). Dave called back to leave his number. Now we’re all waiting for the woman to call back to get Dave’s number. Dave listens to the station 24-7 and promises he will hear the alert no matter what. Drama! Just like in eighth grade!