I emailed the newly arrived director of a center here, a woman I have met five or six times since the beginning of the year, and I was just last week at a work-in-progress discussion of hers, at which we all went round and introduced ourselves. I made a comment she wrote down (well, she wrote down all the comments.* Very polite).

She emailed me back, very nicely, but ended:

I look forward to meeting you at some point!

I replied with a link to my faculty page with picture (and other friendliness). I hope the pic still looks like me, it’s five years old.

* Recently, someone snarked to me about another woman, noting “she didn’t write down any of those comments we made on her work, so she has no respect for what we say.” It had never occurred to me to judge people on this. And I don’t think I should, because I went to a second work-in-progress for the same woman, and she had clearly reacted to what we said at the first one (although that doesn’t prove it was because of us).