Clearly I’m the only professor out there listening to crap radio, or else this song (the winner in the evening competition a couple of times and a song I hear regularly) would be all over the internets along with the entitled student articles. Actually, maybe RYS already made it their video—since I never even see those in my RSS reader, I wouldn’t know.


That party last night was awfully crazy i wish we taped it
i danced my ass off and had this one girl completely naked

drink my beer and smoke my weed
but my good friends is all i need
pass out at 3 wake up at 10
go out to eat then do it again

man i love college (hey)
and i love drinkin (hey)
i love women (hey)
i love college

The line at the end of this verse I suppose has a little redeeming value:

i cant tell you what i learned from school
but i could tell you a story or two
um yea of course i learned some rules
like dont pass out with your shoes on
and dont leave the house till the booze gone
and dont have sex if shes too gone

It’s kinda catchy, actually.