I am sort of using Twitter (currently it’s taking the place of Random Bullets of Grading), and have a little feed in the blog sidebar (which nicely relieves my pressure to blog every day. Actually, my pressure to blog every day died when I switched to RSS. Everyone should use RSS). WordPress.com only allows the regular RSS widget for the Twitter feed, so it’s not so pretty, but it’s functional.

So, I also opened up a twitter account for my alternate userid the same day as I set up the pronetolaughter account.

I posted a first message, and then absolutely nothing to either of them until a couple of weeks ago.

In the meantime, ProneToLaughter collected 8 followers, only one of whom I have heard of and have any clue why they might conceivably be interested in anything I have to say. Most of the rest were marketers. Alternate Userid has no followers, not even the marketers.

The only difference, I think, must be that ProneToLaughter has a website link (which aUserid didn’t until a couple weeks ago, when I went all crazy with it).