I am working through the transition period with a new laptop (macbookpro).

I was really excited about merging PDFs in the new version of Preview included with Leopard (OS 10.5), but:

Apple’s PR showed us a clever way to merge PDFs, which apparently isn’t documented anywhere. Open two PDFs in Preview, then choose View | Show Sidebar. When Sidebar pops up, just drag the pages of one PDF to the Sidebar of the other and hit Save. The two are now merged into one PDF doc.

Well, that’s a godawful hassle the minute you get over two documents, or don’t have a huge screen. And how do you make Preview show Sidebar for all open windows at once? No wonder they didn’t bother to put it in Help.

I’ll stick with Combine PDFs, thanks.

Incidentally, the task at hand is sorting, cropping, merging, and converting the high-res tiffs from the digitized volume I got from the archives. I am using Graphic Converter (which came free with my old powerbook) for the cropping and converting, so that I have, for instance, a lovely single PDF document of a petition to the king, nicely zoomable at need.