I actually used to like going grocery-shopping. I didn’t start driving until 21, when I also got my first car, and it took about 7-8 years for the thrill of independent locomotion to wear off. Now I avoid going to the grocery store as much as possible.

Things that only require water to eat:

  • pancake mix
  • grits (unfortunately, I recently realized these have no fiber, despite the texture)
  • oatmeal (maybe. I require milk with mine, and lately I’ve taken to dumping in some frozen blueberries the last few minutes of stirring, which is great.)

Indian-food-in-a-box is quite edible, and doesn’t go bad (at the grocery equivalent of TJ Maxx, I was quite happy to buy 30 boxes of a brand called Vetee ($.99), which was actually better than the yuppie TastyBite brand ($3.29)). I strongly recommend Indian-food-in-a-box in general—much tastier and even quicker than microwave dinners, though possibly a little high on the sodium. While it’s really best if you have bought naan in the past week (when did regular grocery stores start carrying naan?), you can also use tortillas (rip off a piece, roll it up, and dip), and toasted bread from the freezer, in a pinch. Oh wait, I guess if you are a normal person, you might have rice in your cupboard. I only eat rice when it comes for free with a meal someone else cooked.